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2020-03-18 - Provoz ordinace od 23.3.

Ordinace bude otevřena 16-18. Žádáme klienty s příznaky postižení dých. cest nebo v karanténě, aby nenavštěvovali ordinaci. Klienti budou čekat venku a do ordinace vstoupí po vyzvání. Eventuelně zvoňte. Noste roušky. Platba pouze kartou!

2020-03-14 - Informations about coronavirus Covid 19


2019-11-18 - Microchip ID

We provide chip identification - a microchip insertion in usual office hours - no order is required. The microchip number is noted in vaccination card. One procedure for the whole life.

2018-03-14 - Intradermal suture in cats neutering

Newly, we offer intradermal suture as wound closure method in cats sterilization. The suture is absorable and hidden in the skin. The advantage is minimal risk of automutilization and there is no need to wear elizabeth collar postoperatively. more »

2017-06-26 - NEW surgical method in male guinea pig sterilization.

Newly, we introduce intraabdominal way of castration in male guinea pig. A very quick procedure in conjuction with intradermal absorbable suture makes this surgery very comfortable for animal with minimum postoperative complications.

2017-03-12 - Microchipping in Parrots

We perform microchipping in parrots. Microchip according to ISO 11784, 11785 (8,5x1,4mm) is inserted into pectoral muscle in quick inhalant anaestaesia.

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